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Plugin for retrieving high quality links, given a query. Returns urls and their titles. Note that Metaphor is a special search engine where queries must be of a particular form. Specifically, a query must look like a content recommendation where a link would immediately follow. Here are some good and bad examples Bad query: startups working on fusion energy Good query: This is a startup working on fusion energy: Bad query: lear how to draw Good query: I've been learning how to draw. Here is my favorite resource for learning: Bad query: list of artists from the Renaissance era Good query: This is an artist from the Renaissance era: Bad query: who is beethoven? Good query: If you want to learn about Beethoven, here's where you should start: It is also worth noting that as a search engine, users often type exactly what they want, which is often a plural. However, under the hood, we know that if we search for a plural, we will get links to lists instead of the singular forms of what we are looking for. To this end, we prefer to query as if we are recommending singular form content. Bad query: Here is a list of great Chinese restaurants in East Village Good query: Here is a great Chinese restaurant in East Village: Bad query: Here are some of the most exciting modern artists Good query: Here is the most exciting modern artist: Lastly, make sure to always ask for at least 20 results. This helps to ensure that there is some relevant content.

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1/searchpostPerform a search with a Metaphor prompt-engineered query and retrieve a list of relevant results.
2/findSimilarpostFind similar links to the link provided.

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