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NJSI Beta by SSG

National Jobs Skills Intelligence. Skillsfuture Singapore AI Graph for insights and relationships in the JS landscape.

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Firstly presents a disclaimer to users. The tool aids in searching for adjacent occupations that will provide a higher salary than the current occupation, where occupation adjacency is measured through common skills required by the occupations, as well as provide insights on current vs target occupation skill and pay gap. The occupations are defined by the Singapore Standard Occupation Classification or SSOC 2020 version. Additionally, it recommends courses that can help develop the required skills for the suggested occupations.

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1/api/v1/disclaimergetDefault path to call before any other API is called. This provides a disclaimer for users on the beta version of the API which may lead to inaccuracies and therefore users should use it at their own risk. Improvements are being made along the way with more complete data.
2/api/v1/destinationspostSearch the SSG job and skills knowledge graph for occupations adjacent to the one in current_SSOC, providing difference in starting and typical salary, common required skills and delta in differentiator skills between the two occupations
3/api/v1/whoamipostSearch the SSG job and skills knowledge graph for the occupation attributes such as necessary and differentiator skills, their ranking, and salary range associated with the occupation in current_SSOC
4/api/v1/targetpostProbe the SSG job and skills graph for insights between two occupations (current_SSOC and target_SSOC), providing required and unique skills, their rankings, and starting and typical salary comparison
5/api/v1/ssocSearchpostSearch for all the matched ssoc code at 5-digit level, based on the input_job_title term, which is a job title, input by user.
6/api/v1/courseSearchpostSearch for all the matched courses in SSG based on user query. Returns the course id with area of training, course desciption, course objective, course title, course skill list and course url that brings users to the course page in ssg website

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