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Get real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.

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Realtime & historical financial markets data: company, coin, & stock prices; financial data, research, analysis, & news.

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1/api/historic/bargetGet historic stock data for a specific date in the past. Format endDateTime variable according to 'm/d/YYYY hh:mm aaa', example '4/4/2023 10:00 am'. If time is not specified, default it to 4:00 pm.
2/api/instrumentsgetGet realtime detailed asset info like: fundamentals, earnings reports, calls and outlooks, analyst ratings and commentary, financials, revenue, margin, sales, etc
3/api/instruments/details/fundamentalgetMarket cap, pe ratio, ebitda, dividend yield, and other key asset fundamentals
4/api/instruments/earningsgetEarnings transcripts for all stocks for the last 3 years, including all speakers. Returns excerpts from earnings calls. Ask a query in natural language including the symbol and quarter.
5/api/instruments/earnings-estimatesgetNumeric info on last 4 quarters of earnings estimates and actuals, inclduing the current quarter estimate
6/api/instruments/details/company-profilegetCompany information including name, location, executives, comapny logo etc.
7/api/instruments/details/etf-fundamentalgetFundamental info for ETFs - type, trailing returns, expense ratio, prospectus link for more info
8/api/instruments/details/financialsgetLatest quarterly finanicals: Income statement, Balance sheet, and Cash flows (ex revenue, profit, margins, etc.)
9/api/instruments/hyperchartsgetHistorical quarterly financials for the company - Income statement, balance sheet, cash flows as well as other company-specific metrics.
10/api/instruments/analysisgetHelpful for questions like 'Should I buy...' 'Should I invest in...' 'What are the opinions on...'
11/api/instruments/advanced-crypto-datagetCrypto fundamentals - volume, transactions, active addresses etc.
12/api/quotesgetRealtime stock, etf, crypto price quotes, including bid, ask, close, open, price changes. For crypto, format symbols with -CRYPTO suffix in lieu of -USD. For example, bitcoin is BTC-CRYPTO
13/api/moving-stockgetWhy is it moving stock post for a given symbol
14/api/top-moversgetList of assets with highest gain/loss (movement) in the market today
15/api/asset-query/top-gainersgetTop gainers by percent change in the market today
16/api/asset-query/top-losersgetTop losers by percent change in the market today
17/api/asset-query/highest-1-day-volumegetAssets with the highest trading volume today
18/api/asset-query/largest-daily-volume-deviationgetAssets with the most unusual trading volume today (ie highest deviation from average volume)
19/api/asset-query/max-52-weeks-price-usdgetAssets at their 52-week high
20/api/asset-query/min-52-weeks-price-usdgetAssets at their 52-week low

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