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Market data, news, and fundamentals for stocks, options, forex, and crypto from Polygon.io.

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Market data, news, and financial filings for stocks, options, forex, and crypto.

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1/v1/summariesgetGet everything needed to understand or visualize the latest price movement of a list of tickers.
2/v2/aggs/ticker/{ticker}/range/{multiplier}/{timespan}/{from}/{to}getGet aggregate bars for a stock, option, crypto, or forex over a given date range in custom time window sizes. For example, if timespan = ‘minute’ and multiplier = ‘5’ then 5-minute bars will be returned.
3/v2/reference/newsgetGet the most recent news articles relating to a stock ticker symbol, including a summary of the article and a link to the original source.
4/v3/reference/conditionsgetList all conditions that Polygon.io uses.
5/v3/reference/dividendsgetGet a list of historical cash dividends, including the ticker symbol, declaration date, ex-dividend date, record date, pay date, frequency, and amount.
6/v3/reference/exchangesgetList all exchanges that Polygon.io knows about.
7/v3/reference/options/contractsgetQuery for historical options contracts. This provides both active and expired options contracts.
8/vX/reference/financialsgetGet historical financial data for a stock ticker. The financials data is extracted from 10-K and 10-Q documents that companies file with the SEC.
9/v3/reference/options/contracts/{options_ticker}getGet an options contract
10/v3/reference/splitsgetGet a list of historical stock splits, including the execution date and the factors of the split ratio.
11/v3/reference/tickersgetList all tickers supported by Polygon, or filter by market type. Search for a ticker based on it's name, or use a known ticker to find detailed information.
12/v3/reference/tickers/{ticker}getGet a single ticker supported by Polygon.io. This response will have detailed information about the ticker and the company behind it.
13/vX/reference/tickers/{id}/eventsgetGet a timeline of events including ticker changes for the entity associated with the given ticker, CUSIP, or Composite FIGI.

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