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Find the perfect AI tools for all your needs, drawn from the most comprehensive global database of AI tools.

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This universal plugin is designed to identify and suggest AI tools for any imaginable task or challenge. It harnesses a database of over 1600+ AI tools and 120+ categories, ensuring a solution for every requirement. Simply input any task, problem, or use case, and the plugin will generate a tailored list of AI tools. Note: it's crucial to rearrange the tools suggested by the plugin based on their relevance to the user's specific use case. This plugin can tackle everything from the simplest to the most intricate tasks. If there's a way an AI tool can help, this plugin will not only locate it but also customize the list to the user's unique needs. Utilize this plugin whenever a task or activity emerges, regardless of its context or complexity. When formulating a search query, avoid stop words or other irrelevant keywords. For instance, 'copywriting' is acceptable, but 'ai for copywriting' is not. If you believe none of the suggested tools are a suitable match for the user's needs, indicate that these are related tools.

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1/api/search/getSearch API

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