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Chi Data Buddy

Chicago data from the City of Chicago Data Portal.

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Chicago data from the City of Chicago Data Portal. Users can learn more about the Chicago Data Portal is at Text data is occasionally formatted incorrectly (all caps, punctuation or space issues, etc.), so may need slight cleaning before provided to users. Not all information returned may be interesting to the user, so feel free to focus on relevant fields and let the user know what other fields exist.

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1/business_categoriesgetRetrieve the number of businesses in different categories, with optional filters on ward and year. Source: 'Business Licenses' dataset, details at
2/department_contractsgetRetrieve total contract value, number of contracts, and average contract size for each department, filtered by year. Source: 'Contracts' dataset, details at
3/find_muralsgetRetrieve murals data filtered by ward number, start year, and end year. Source: 'Mural Registry' dataset, details at
4/find_new_businessesgetRetrieve the (up to) 50 most recently issued business licenses, with an optional filter on ward. Source: 'Business Licenses' dataset, details at
5/largest_contractsgetRetrieve vendors with the largest contracts filtered by department. Source: 'Contracts' dataset, details at
6/recently_completed_service_requestsgetRetrieve recently completed service requests, with an optional filter on ward.

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